Types of Contributions & Cost

Types of Contributions

Original research papers should report the results of original research, or a significant evaluation of, or improvement upon, techniques used in fire ecology research (e.g., spatial autocorrelation and pseudoreplication, rate of spread estimation, fire history methods). We also welcome manuscripts that describe computer software that has application to fire ecology. The material should not have been previously published. Manuscripts may be of any length; however, authors are encouraged to limit their papers to 30 double-spaced pages including tables, figures, and references.

Short communications address research and management topics that for whatever reason are not appropriate for an original research paper, but are still of interest to the readers of Fire Ecology and the general field of wildland fire science. Examples include case studies with limited sample sizes or replication, fire behavior and effects observations of wildfires and prescribed fires, and management-oriented lessons learned pertinent to fire science. These papers should be completely documented, both by references to the literature and descriptions of the experimental procedures employed, as for Original Research papers but have briefer introductions. Authors are encouraged to limit their papers to 10 double-spaced pages including tables, figures, and references.

Review Articles are critical syntheses of existing research on topics relevant to fire ecology.  Authors are encouraged to limit these reviews to 30 pages of text and references.

Forum articles can include papers that address issues, management, policy, opinions, and responses to previous articles. Responses to previous research papers should be as completely documented, both by reference to the literature and description of the experimental procedures, as a regular paper.

Book reviews are encouraged by the editors on any recent text that might interest the readers of Fire Ecology. Reviews should be balanced and final publication is at the discretion of the editorial board.

Publication Cost

In order to keep Fire Ecology as an open access journal, we charge authors a per paper cost. If this cost causes any undue hardship, please contact Fire Ecology’s editor.

The following Charges are for current AFE members. Rates for non-AFE members or those with expired memberships are listed in parenthesis. Page lengths refers to formatted pages in the journal.

  • Original research paper or review article (any length): $600 ($800)
  • Short communication: (8 page max): $300 ($400)
  • Forum, up to 10 pages formatted: (10 page max): $300 ($400)
  • Forum 11 or more pages formatted: $600 ( $800)
  • Book review (invited): No charge

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However, sometime in the winter of 2018 Fire Ecology will be published by Springer publishing. We have negotiated a fee structure of $1800 USD for each Original Research Paper and $1300 USD for everything else. The journal will still be open source and free to access with no subscription fee. If you submit before we use the Springer submission system, then you will be charged the above price structure.