Stephen W. Hallgren

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Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Managem...
Oklahoma State University
008C Agricultural Hall
Stillwater , OK 74078, United States

Publications in Fire Ecology

Historic Fire Regime of an Upland Oak Forest in South-Central North America
Pages: 45-61
DOI: 10.4996/fireecology.0603045

Prescribed burning is used in upland oak forests of south-central North America to improve wildlife habitat, reduce fire hazard, restore ecosystem integrity, and maintain biological diversity. However, little is known about the frequency, seasonality, and ignition source of historic fires that shaped these forests. In general, it is believed that fire frequency in upland oak forests of south-central North America was influenced by climate and humans, and decreased since Euro-American settlement; yet there is a dearth of scientific evidence to support this conclusion. The objective of this study was to link the fire history of an upland oak forest in east-central Oklahoma with factors controlling the fire regime.  [Read More]

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