Robert Van Pelt

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School of Environmental and Forest Sciences, College of the Environment
University of Washington
Box 352100
Seattle, Washington 98195, USA

Publications in Fire Ecology

Tree-Ring Indicators of Fire in Two Old-Growth Coast Redwood Forests
Pages: 85-105
DOI: 10.4996/fireecology.140185105

Fires that burn through forests cause changes in wood anatomy and growth that can be used to reconstruct fire histories. Fire is important in Sequoia sempervirens (D. Don) Endl. (coast redwood) forests, but fire histories are limited due to difficulties crossdating annual rings of this species. Here we investigated three fires (1985, 1999, 2008) in two old-growth forests (Montgomery Woods State Natural Reserve and Landels-Hill Big Creek Reserve, California, USA) to quantify these responses via crossdated increment cores from lower trunks of 53 trees, including 10 that were climbed and cored at 10 m height intervals.  [Read More]

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