W. Matt McCaw

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Water Quality Protection Lands Program
City of Austin
3621 FM 620 S
Austin, Texas 78738, USA

Publications in Fire Ecology

Seasonal Patterns and Drivers of Ashe Juniper Foliar Live Fuel Moisture and Relevance to Fire Planning
Pages: 50-64
DOI: 10.4996/fireecology.140150064

Foliar live fuel moisture (LFM)the weight of water in living plant foliage expressed as a percentage of dry weighttypically affects fire behavior in live wildland fuels. In juniper communities, juniper LFM is important for planning prescribed burns and wildfire response but can be time consuming to obtain regularly. Also, there has been little analysis of the ways in which juniper LFM varies seasonally or is affected by weather conditions, soil moisture, or other variables such as drought index.  [Read More]

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