Andrew D. Bailey

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Office of Wildland Fire, Wildland Fire Management Research, Development, and Application
Department of the Interior
2141 Airport Way, Suite 100
Boise, Idaho 83705, USA

Publications in Fire Ecology

Carbon Emissions during Wildland Fire an a North American Temperate Peatland
Pages: 34-57
DOI: 10.4996/fireecology.1301034

Northern temperate zone (30° to 50° latitude) peatlands store a large proportion of the world’s terrestrial carbon (C) and are subject to high-intensity, stand-replacing wildfires characterized by flaming stage combustion of aboveground vegetation and long-duration smoldering stage combustion of organic soils. Coastal peatlands are a unique region in which long-duration wildfire soil combustion is responsible for the majority of total annual emissions from all wildfires in the North American coastal plain.  [Read More]

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