John A. Kava

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Chino Valley Ranger District
USDA Forest Service Prescott National Forest
735 North Highway 89
Chino Valley, Arizona 86323, USA

Publications in Fire Ecology

A Comparison of Rangeland Monitoring Techniques for Modeling Herbaceous Fuels and Forage in Central Arizona, USA
Pages: 76-91
DOI: 10.410.4996/fireecology.1002076

While fire and rangeland managers frequently have different land management roles and objectives, their data needs with regards to herbaceous biomass (fuel loads and forage) often overlap, and can be served with a single sampling protocol for both rangeland and fuels management. In this study, we examined how two herbaceous sampling methods compare in measuring species richness, ground cover, and standing herbaceous biomass for range and forestry management using the Phytomass Growth Simulator (Phygrow).  [Read More]

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