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Bureau of Indian Affairs

Publications in Fire Ecology

Fire as an Ecological and Silvicultural Factor, with an Introduction by Jan W. van Wagtendonk
Pages: 1-13
DOI: 10.4996/fireecology.1001001

I first met Harold Weaver in 1968, a year after he had retired from the Bureau of Indian Affairs. He had just finished his morning run (barefoot, at that!) and was resting beneath a giant sequoia at Whitaker’s Forest, a University of California, Berkeley, forest reserve adjacent to Kings Canyon National Park. He was there at the behest of Harold Biswell, my major professor at Berkeley. Dr. Biswell had a list of required reading for his neophyte fire ecologists that included “Fire as an Ecological and Silvicultural Factor in the Ponderosa Pine Region of the Pacific Slope” that Harold Weaver had published in the Journal of Forestry in 1943.  [Read More]

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