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Rocky Mountain Research Station/Missoula Fire Scie...
USDA Forest Service
5775 Highway 10W
Missoula , MT 59808, United States

Publications in Fire Ecology

Tree Injury and Mortality in Fires: Developing Process-Based Models
Pages: 55-79
DOI: 10.4996/fireecology.0601055

Wildland fire managers are often required to predict tree injury and mortality when planning a prescribed burn or when considering wildfire management options; and, currently, statistical models based on post-fire observations are the only tools available for this purpose. Implicit in the derivation of statistical models is the assumption that they are strictly applicable only for the species or conditions for which they were developed. The result has been a profusion of separate models of uncertain generality. A parallel research effort, the process approach, has been directed at modeling tree injury and mortality by directly simulating the energy-transfer process from the fire to the exterior surface of the plant, and thence into roots, stems, and foliage. Process models can currently predict stem or tree death if certain injury thresholds are reached.  [Read More]

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