Victor G. Kafka

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Ecosystem Conservation Service
Parks Canada Agency
3 passage du Chien dOr
C.P. 6060, Haute-Ville
Quebec , Province of Quebec GIR 4V7 , Canada

Publications in Fire Ecology

Burning at the Edge: Integrating Biophysical and Eco-Cultural Fire Processes in Canada’s Parks and Protected Areas
Pages: 74-106
DOI: 10.4996/fireecology.0701074

Currently, high intensity, large-area lightning fires that burn during droughts dominate Canada’s fire regimes. However, studies from several disciplines clearly show that humans historically ignited burns within this matrix of large fires. Two approaches for fire research and management have arisen from this pattern: a “large-fire biophysical paradigm” related to lightning-ignited fires, and an “eco-cultural paradigm” related to human-caused burning. Working at the edge between biophysically driven fires and eco-cultural burns, and their associated management and research paradigms, presents unique challenges to land managers.  [Read More]

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