Winston S.W. Trollope

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Working on Fire International
38 Durban Street
Fort Beaufort , 5720, South Africa

Publications in Fire Ecology

Personal Perspectives on Commercial Versus Communal African Fire Paradigms when Using Fire to Manage Rangelands for Domestic Livestock and Wildlife in Southern and East African Ecosystems
Pages: 57-73
DOI: 10.4996/fireecology.0701057

Africa is often referred to as the Fire Continent, and fire is recognised as a natural factor of the environment due to the prevalence of lightning storms and an ideal fire climate in the less arid regions with seasonal drought. On a global scale, the most extensive areas of tropical savanna, characterized by a grassy under stories that become extremely flammable during the dry season, occur in Africa. The use of fire in Africa to manage vegetation for domestic livestock and indigenous wildlife is widely recognized by both commercial and communal land users.  [Read More]

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