Vânia R. Pivello

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Universidade de São Paulo
Department of Ecology
Rua do Matão
Travessa 14
São Paulo , São Paulo CEP 05508-090 , Brazil

Publications in Fire Ecology

The Use of Fire in the Cerrado and Amazonian Rainforests of Brazil: Past and Present
Pages: 24-39
DOI: 10.4996/fireecology.0701024

Humans have been changing the natural fire regimes in most Brazilian vegetation types for over 4000 years. Natural lightning fires can easily happen in savannas and grasslands, but they are rare in the moist rainforests. Today, anthropogenic fires are frequent in both the fire-adapted cerrado (Brazilian savanna) and the fire-sensitive rainforest. In this paper, I compare two very different biomes concerning their susceptibilities and responses to fire: the Amazon rainforest and the cerrado.  [Read More]

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