David R. Weise

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Pacific Southwest Research Station
4955 Canyon Crest Drive
Riverside , CA 92507, United States

Publications in Fire Ecology

Measuring the Rate of Spread of Chaparral Prescribed Fires in Northern California
Pages: 74-86
DOI: 10.4996/fireecology.0401074

Prescribed fire is a common method used to produce desired ecological effects in chaparral by mimicking the natural role of fire. Since prescribed fires are usually conducted in moderate fuel and weather conditions, models that accurately predict fire behavior and effects under these scenarios are important for management. In this study, explosive audio devices and steel stakes were used to record the location of the flaming front during seven prescribed fires in mature, chamise (Adenostoma fasciculatum) dominated chaparral in northern California.  [Read More]

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Predicted Fire Behavior and Societal Benefits in Three Eastern Sierra Nevada Vegetation Types
Pages: 67-78
DOI: 10.4996/fireecology.0501067

We investigated potential fire behavior and various societal benefits (air pollution removal, carbon sequestration, and carbon storage) provided by woodlands of pinyon pine (Pinus monophylla) and juniper (Juniperus californica), shrublands of Great Basin sagebrush (Artemisia tridentata) and rabbitbrush (Ericameria nauseosa), and recently burned annual grasslands near a wildland-urban interface (WUI) community in the high desert of the eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains.  [Read More]

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