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Remote Sensing Application Center
Forest Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture
Salt Lake City , UT 84119, United States

Publications in Fire Ecology

A Project for Monitoring Trends in Burn Severity
Pages: 3-21
DOI: 10.4996/fireecology.0301003

Elected officials and leaders of environmental agencies need information about the effects of large wildfires in order to set policy and make management decisions. Recently, the Wildland Fire Leadership Council (WFLC), which implements and coordinates the National Fire Plan (NFP) and Federal Wildland Fire Management Policies (National Fire Plan 2004), adopted a strategy to monitor the effectiveness of the National Fire Plan and the Healthy Forests Restoration Act (HFRA).  [Read More]

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Calibration and Validation of Immediate Post-Fire Satellite-Derived Data to Three Severity Metrics
Pages: 12-30
DOI: 10.4996/fireecology.1102012

Since 2007, the USDA Forest Service’s Remote Sensing Applications Center (RSAC) has been producing fire severity data within the first 30 to 45 days after wildfire containment (i.e., initial assessments [IA]), for wildfires that occur on USDA Forest Service managed lands, to support post-fire management actions.  Satellite image-derived map products are produced using calibrations of the relativized differenced normalized burn ratio (RdNBR) to the Composite Burn Index (CBI), percent change in tree basal area (BA), and percent change in canopy cover (CC).  [Read More]

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