About Fire Ecology


Fire Ecology is the international scientific journal supported by the Association for Fire Ecology. The journal publishes peer reviewed articles, opinion pieces, responses, and book reviews, as well as the occasional reprint of “classic” fire ecology articles. The journal has over 40 associate editors from five continents. Issues are published three times per year: April, August, and December. Beginning in 2005 with Issue No. 1, we have now published over 45 issues containing over 325 scientific articles with over 610 authors.

Fire Ecology publishes articles on all ecological aspects relating to wildland fire. We welcome submissions on topics that include a broad range of research on the ecological relationships of fire to its environment, including, but not limited to:

  • physical and biological fire effects
  • drivers of fire effects and fire regimes
  • climate change impacts to fire regimes and effects
  • fuel characteristics, dynamics, and sampling techniques
  • effects of fire exclusion
  • abiotic and/or biotic interactions with fire
  • linkages with fire behavior and effects
  • social and policy issues relating to fire ecology
  • modelling and technology transfer products related to fire ecology

All submissions are refereed by the Journal’s Editorial Board and external reviewers. Issues are published online three times per year: April, August, and December. Fire Ecology is indexed by all of leading indexing institutions: Thomson Reuters ISI Web of Science, AGRICOLA, Biosis Reviews, Current Contents, Google Scholar, Scopus, and the Science Citation Index.