About AFE Position Papers

AFE occasionally produces position papers that synthesize the best available research on critical fire ecology issues of the day, and offer suggestions for ecologically-based management applications. These papers are drafted by special committees established by the AFE board of directors, then submitted to external peer review by top experts, and finally are ratified at the general membership meetings held during our Fire Conferences.

2015:  AFE’s fourth position paper, “Reduce Wildfire Risks or We’ll Continue to Pay More for Fire Disasters” was developed as a joint project of Association for Fire Ecology, International Association of Wildland Fire, and The Nature Conservancy.  The paper was published on April 16, 2015.

2013:  AFE’s third position paper, “The Merits of Prescribed Fire Outweigh Potential Carbon Emission Effects” was developed as a joint effort of Association for Fire Ecology, International Association of Wildland Fire, Tall Timbers Research Station, and The Nature Conservancy and was published in September, 2013.

2009:  AFE’s second position paper,“The Role of Fire in Managing Long-Term Carbon Stores: Key Challenges,” was adopted at the 4th International Fire Congress in 2009.

2006:  AFE’s first position paper was the “San Diego Declaration on Climate Change and Fire Management,” ratified at the 3rd International Fire Ecology and Management Congress in 2006. The San Diego Declaration generated international media coverage and was published a number of books and journals across the globe.

These position papers help accomplish our mission to promote fire ecology through educating policymakers, journalists, and other interested citizens as well as the wildland fire community.